It is that time of year again, leaves leaves leaves

This weekend I started the yearly ritual of dealing with leaves. It had rained a little last week which knocked a few off and I thought I’d get a head start. Funny how this afternoon, only two days later, when taking the dogs for a walk you couldn’t tell I’d done anything. I’m hopeful it doesn’t rain to much and i can mulch most of them with the mower, else it will be a tough go.

A change from the norm was Cooper getting into the middle of me loading the tarp. Normally he just lays in the garage and Roscoe is the one in the way. It was a rare occasion so I snapped a pic. Just as rare was Roscoe having a seat and sitting still long enough for me to get the phone out and take one of him. Hard to believe Cooper is 5, and content with just hanging out, and Roscoe is 12 and just wants to go go go. They are always good to put a smile on your face.

One thought on “It is that time of year again, leaves leaves leaves

  1. Love these guys…you have taught them well. Actually, you could be a dog trainer as knowledgeable as you are! Hope to see you soon…Love, MOM…keep blogging!

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