Tahoe in June

At the end of June we took a trip to Tahoe, would have been better if it was ski season but summer is better than nothing. We flew into Sacramento and took a quick detour up to Chico, that’s where the Sierra Nevada Brewery is, Kay’s favorite. We took the tour, which was excellent. I would have never guessed they used solar power and recycled most all of their waste. They even grow some of their own hops. Once the tour was over we stopped by the tap room for a bite to eat and a beverage. Before leaving we picked up a growler of the Ovila Saison for later that week. Chico to South Lake Tahoe is about three hours depending on how many stops you make. We decided to not go back through Sacramento and take 80 east to 267 and come down on the Nevada side. Before getting to 267 we stopped and took a couple pictures at Donner Lake. The drive was excellent and we got to the house around 6:00pm, our friends and their kids were already there. On the schedule for tomorrow, hiking.

We drove up Emerald Bay Road to Inspiration Point Vista and took a few pictures, after that it was off to the Bayview Trailhead. The trail heads along a hill side for good bit until you make it to flat rock. From there you can go about anywhere. There is a water fall off the flat rock and you can look out over the lake or head up. It will take a few hours out and back plenty of great scenery and a good workout. Good thing there’s a hot tube back at the house.

Day two was more hiking, this time to Angora Lakes Resort. This is a hike for anyone, young or old. It’s about a half mile from the parking lot and the resort is made up of cabins on two lakes. There’s kayaking, paddle boarding, a beach and general store. The cabins have electricity and running water but no internet or TV, cell reception is spotty too. If I remember correctly a cabin rents for a week at a time so if you really want to get a way but stay close to civilization this could be the place.

For day three we still went hiking but did it a little differently. We drove in to town and got on the Heavenly Gondola for a ride up the mountain. They have an observation deck about 3/4 the way up that has ridiculous views of the city and lake. After some time there we rode up to the top and walked around the lodge. You can hike up and down the runs, even take a lift up to the top of some if you want. That was going to be a little much for the kids so we roamed around a bit and then headed back. On the ride down we saw a few folks walking down, that was impressive.

Day four was the last day our friends would be there before leaving the following morning. We didn’t do any hiking, instead opted for the beach. The beach was about a mile walk from our house through a spectacular meadow. It was a relaxing afternoon, we saw a number of people on kayaks and paddle boards. I even caught a couple paddle boarders with dogs on the boards as they paddled along. The only thing that would have made it better is if the water was warmer. But it’s June and it’s Tahoe.

Day five and the trip is almost over. Our friends are heading out and the weather has turned, it’s raining. Kay and I drove around a little but were not prepared to be out in the inclement conditions. As luck would have it game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals was scheduled so all we had to do was find a place to watch it. Mo’s Place on the same property as the Super 8 was it with plenty of TV’s, good food and a family atmosphere.

We did get a chance to head to the upper and lower falls behind Fallen Leaf Lake, but I don’t remember which day that was. The drive along Fallen Leaf Lake is crazy, would have been cool to take in on a motor bike but I would not recommend anything bigger than a mini van. It’s pretty much a one lane road with spots to pull to the side so anyone coming the other way can pass. It’s lined with beautiful homes but only a few on the lake side of the road.

Lake Tahoe was a great time, we’d love to go back and do more hiking and see more sites. I’d like to get there in the winter once and check out the skiing too. It was a good getaway, if you haven’t been go!

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