Post Thanksgiving drama

On Thanksgiving day we headed off to San Diego, CA to visit friends and catch some r & r. That was short lived as Friday morning came bright an early with a call from the kennel roscoe and cooper were at. Roscoe had somehow gotten cut and needed to be taken to the vet, we’d later learn it was from “happy tail” and banging it on the wall of the run. A follow up on Saturday and all was well, he was back at the kennel with some drugs to keep him calm and no other reports came the rest of the trip.

When I picked them up this morning it was as if nothing was wrong, crazy guy. Didn’t care his tail was all wrapped up curled underneath him and tapped loosely to his belly. Smart as that would keep him “from banging it on the wall of the run” and give the wound a chance to heal. So once we got home I decided I should check to see if things were ok with the bandage, that was the beginning of a bad idea. I untaped the tail from his belly and started to undue the bandage when I thought “hey I haven’t checked with the vet should they be doing this ?”, so I stopped and he was fine all day. I did touch base with the vet and will need to come in on Thursday to have them look at it. Being outside though and in the dog house not much to WACK it against so that’s a plus. But then after work I brought them in the basement and within 15 minutes he hooked the bandage on the recliner and ripped it off. Holy crap !!!!

So Kay and I wrestled with him for about 20 minutes to get the bandage back on tied down and hopefully good till Thursday. And yes taking care of business is a challenge as the tail being between the legs does not offer for good clearance. We’ll have to monitor that.,

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