Roscoe update

After four trips to the vet, and another scheduled for Thursday, Roscoe’s tail injury is looking pretty good. I had yet to see the progress since he ripped the bandage off just after we got back from thankgiving, but that all changed this morning. I untied his tail so he’d have an easier time taking care of business and not two minutes later the bandage is laying on the ground and a skinny little stick of a tail was wagging like gang busters. Didn’t expect that…. but took advantage of the opportunity and it is healing nicely.

We made it to the vet with no more damage and I picked him up this afternoon. He continues to act as if their are no problems in the world and nothings wrong. Seems like everyone at the vet knows him now… and is everybody’s friend. I hope Thursday’s visit will be the last and we can get back to normal.

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