Costa Rica Day 7

The last day before we catch a plane in San Jose tomorrow afternoon. The sun comes up earlier here it seems as it’s shining bright at 5:30am. The crashing of the waves on the beach and room drenched in sunlight, as their is no air conditioning only screens with drapes, gets us up early as we need to be at the park early. They only let in a limited number of visitors each day and its a 15 minute walk to get there. Oh, and also the ruckus in the trees next to the room as monkeys play and search for food. Yes that’s right only 15 to 20 feet from the deck. That was another reason to get out of bed.

The walk took us pass a number of small hotels, resturants and street vendors setting up their tables by the side of the road that fronts the beach. Entering the park we pass by a family of monkeys in the trees. Once inside we immediately see a sloth hanging out in a tree take a few pictures and keep moving. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the main portion where you have options.

If you recall the picture from the deck of the hotel room that is where we are. The portion that goes out into the bay is where we are heading next, taking a trail that circles it.

We see oversized guinne pigs, iguanas, and hear howler monkeys from the tree tops above. A narrow trail takes you around and we move up and down a number of times. Alan finds red crabs in a number of areas and after paying attention a little more we see a number of them too. After returning to where we started it was only 9:30 or so. We decided to hang out on the beach for a while, being mindful of visitors (monkeys) that might wander off with things, and picked the side that faces our hotel. The beach on the other side we could see already had a number of people over there.

The surf was a little ruffer but we had the entire beach to ourselves. As the girls went in first they got a taste of the waves, a few big ones put the down a time or two. Alan and I were in next once they returned and even though the surf could be ruff, and the undertow was a little heavy, putting yourself out a little was got you out of that. Water was warm and we hung out there for a while. Kay came back out and on the way in she moved a little to slow and caught a big wave in the wrong place. Salt water up the noze takes a while sometimes to clear out. But all is well and we started our trek back to the hotel, and it was only 10:45am.

Our pace was slower going back and we stopped by a few street vendors along the way. Once back we headed to the pool for a dip and some lunch. After about an hour Alan and I had enough of the sun and headed back to the room. The decks provided a bit more shade. The girls stayed down for a while but were back up for happy hour by 5:00. After a few drinks it was across the street to La Cantina BBQ for dinner. A couple unique things about this place is they have a railroad car as an internet cafe and all the food is cooked over and open wood fired grill. It was excellent.

That’s it we are heading back in the morning. Catch a shuttle at 8:30am and our flight leaves at 2:30pm. We’ll change planes, clear customs too in Charlotte and be home by midnight. We could stay longer but it’s time to go.

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