Working remote for a few days

In April of 2001 I moved to TN and kept my job with a software Company in IL. I officially started telecommuting then and have done so since. So working remotely is almost old hat these days but over the weekend my cable went out. That left the house without TV and internet which would not be a big deal accept Comcast could not get there till Tuesday.

So off to the local coffee shop I go to keep from falling behind. The tuff thing about that is for work I need to us Windows® and that is a desktop at the house. My laptop is Linux, Ubuntu, so that presents some unique challenges. Of course the only true problem, as I’ve commented in previous posts about using Linux with work, is with the call tracking software we use. The web front end is not enabled so no access from the outside. I can use VPNC to get in but would then need to remote access a pc. Of course none of this is old technology and I’ve done it before in a pinch but us remote workers are very few and I don’t blame IT for not wanting to cover some of our access problems. So I’ll struggle for a few days.

I will say, knock on wood, Comcast has been very reliable in the five years I’ve used them… only a couple outages. This latest one just came at a bad time, with the weekend and MLK day falling after the outages.

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