Moving to Gmail

It was about a year ago when I signed up for a Gmail account intending to use the Calendar service. At the time I had a number of things going on and was looking for a way to get at them where ever I was. It has worked out well be it at home on the PC, traveling with the laptop or at my finger tips on the communicator. So after my recent trials setting up fetchmail, dovecot, and ldap and then adding Squirrelmail and Spamassassin I thought “why not just use Gmail ?”.

It wasn’t the first time that had crossed my mind. I’ve followed their blog and read good things about features in other places but was never ready to “let go”… I guess. Well beginning of the year I decided to give it a try if it didn’t work out I could always go back.

It’s been a few months now and I’m enjoying it so far. Spam filtering is excellent and I’m getting use to the labeling vs folders. I even switched to the reader for blogs and news subscriptions. To deal with the “I want a copy on my server” just turn on imap and pull a copy via fetchmail. Using these instructions I was able to get that working with minimal effort. So for now Gmail it is.

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