Heart Worms

About a week ago at the dog park I found some worms in Coopers’ stool. A trip to the vet the following day confirmed they were whip worms. While there they asked if I wanted to do a heart worm test, I couldn’t remember the last time Copper had one so I said “sure”. That test came back positive.

The vet started treatment that day and we’d be back to pick him up two days later. When picking Cooper up we took Roscoe along to have him tested as well, he came back positive too. Roscoes’ treatment was only half what Coopers was. Roscoe has a few challenges when it comes to “drugs” and temperature so we opted to do half now then go back for another round in four weeks. It has been an interesting the first week to say the least.

Cooper has been running a tempature, 103 this morning, so I had the vet check him and picked up some drugs in hopes it would get it under control. He hasn’t been eating very well so getting that back to normal is key. Roscoe on the other hand had a couple rough days but he’s back to his old go go go self. Unlike Cooper he’d prefer walks or the park to hanging out on the deck all day. They are opposites in many ways.

The coming weeks will be a challenge, balancing limited activity the medicine needs to kill off the heart worms but still keeping the boys from being restless. Time will tell and we’ll hope for the best.

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