No more house hunting

Last week was a busy one, playing catch up at work and looking for place to live. Unfortunately we were not able to find a place to buy, we did put offers on two homes but could not come to an agreement with either. That left us with looking for a place to rent which we were also checking on at the same time. As you can images the boys, roscoe and cooper, were somewhat neglected as we were gone most days after work.

We think we have a handle on where we’re going to move and even though it is back to renting it gives us the opportunity to cut down on stuff we’ve accumulated over the years and think seriously about building. As they say things happen for a reason so maybe this is a sign. It’s been a weekend of packing, hauling stuff to storage and purging those things you know you don’t need but just never took the time to get rid of. It’s nice to have a reclamation/recycling center 5 minutes away they will take just about anything, I’ll miss that.

The new pad

Update: My how things change… Since this post we decided not to rent and made an offer on the previous house we initially could not meet a closing date. Kay reminded me of the cost to rent for a year vs one month in “limbo”. My bad for not looking at it that way cause within that context their should be no way we would want to rent… so we’re not. The offer was accepted and the closing is the end of May. So now we have about a month where we won’t have an actual address and staying in a hotel. Dogs will spend time at the kenel and with friends so the only thing left now is to close on our house.

p.s. the image to the left is the new place but the trees have grown a little since it was taken.

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