Vagalume 0.8 with API v2.0

Over the weekend I got an update alert on my n810 for Vagalume, the player I’ve been using. Without checking the changes I went ahead and updated, unfortunately it caused the player to stop working. At first I thought it was a configuration issue but after some research today l ran across this thread which spelled things out. Though I’m not to sure I want to get an API key knowing it could be disabled at any time for violating the terms of service. So the free ride was good for a while and there are still players out there that use the old API, which will work until it’s shut down. It is a great site and three dollars a month is not that much when you think about the library you have access to. Honestly if you haven’t been there head over and take a look.

When the time comes I’ll get a subscription, until then I’ll have to roll back.

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