Telecommuting gone to my head

I began telecomuting in 2001 after a move Nashville, TN. At the time I was prepared to find something new or continue working at the same company. I’m glad to say I’m still employed there today, but it has not been without challenges. The last couple weeks have been more difficult but when you work from home, how can you really complain. So it must be that telecommuting has gone to my head !!! Performing day to day processes without the massive resources a few steps away takes a certain amount of imagination. But you have to keep in mind others don’t work this way.

When most people have the opportunity of poping into a coworkers office or sitting in on a meeting working remote does not allow that type of interaction. Conference calls, net meetings, mail, and chat those are what we use to replace being there. None of them have that level of interaction where a personal touch can be conveyed. Oh and we know what a face to face meeting can do don’t we !!!! It is furstrating and challenging at the same time cause you get sucked in to “why can’t so and so see this”, “why do I have to wait hours for an answer to an email, if I was there it wouldn’t take that long”. But you have to remember not every body looks at it that way. Kind of like the acronym RTFM. Those that didn’t have another option, had to read it, learn from it, try it and apply it to know what happens. If the resouce is a a few feet away that’s a different story.

So I think it’s time to sit back take inventory and get back to reality, deal with the fact that the telecommuting world is different… their’s no way around it.

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