To much time alone

Cooper, our golden retriever mix, was not a happy camper last night. He’s normally good for telling anything that he hear’s around the fence to go away a few times a night but last night it was worse than normal. Letting him get it out of his system is typically what we do. I might go out to make sure he knows all is ok if it gets bad but that didn’t work last night. So I broke down and brought them in the basement hoping him and Roscoe would relax and Kay and I could get some sleep.

When I went down this morning to check on them I found a surprise. It could have been worse as there was a tub of dog food, my hockey equipment, furniture, and a few other things down there. Copper, while curious, is not as nervous as Roscoe so if I had to guess Roscoe got impatient and went digging in the trash.

The good thing was no accidents to clean up. They are good about that but haven’t been in the house that long before or alone. Not sure we’ll do it again, might have to find another way to make sure Cooper feels safe.