People dumping animals

Lost Dog

Can’t believe what I just saw about 45 minutes ago. A van stops at the end our our cludesack pauses for 5 – 10 seconds and then drives away. When I looked back a dog was standing in the street… I don’t get people sometimes.

A very fun loving puppy which looks to be a male rotwiler. Animal control is closed today, how ironic, so we’ll have to take him tomorrow. That is if he comes back. While I was typing this Rosce jumped the fence and the little one got out with him. Roscoe came back but the other one hasn’t yet. Hopefully their are some good hearted neighbors out there to at least get him to animal control. He may not have a great chance there but at least he’s out of the elements and would have an opportunity to get adopted. This is the second time we’ve had to deal with this type of thing. I guess being 5 minutes from animal control people might go there find it closed and then think, I’ll just find a nice spot close by someone will take care of it….. crazy.We’ll keep an eye out.

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  1. I noticed this afternoon while walking the boys a sign for a found black/brown (big) puppy. Don’t know for sure if it’s the same but I’d bet it was. May have to call the number and let them know a owner won’t be looking for him. Good to know he’s not out in the elements though.

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