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Skiing in 2013

This years ski trip was to Breckenridge, CO a place I’ve been to a few times and it’s always good to go back. The group this year was 13 one of the largest since I’ve been tagging along. We stayed about 6 miles south of Breckenridge in a four bedroom three and a half bath house that could sleep 18. Even though the snow count was down this year it was still piled eight feet high beside the driveway. A couple highlights from the house were the hot tube wasn’t up to temp end of day one. That was kind of a bummer but after that it was no problem. A neighborhood dog showed up the morning of day five, he’d be back the following morning as well. He’d hang out on the front porch waiting for attention. We also saw a fox running through the back yard one morning, to quick to get any pictures though.

I’d like to thank the folks at Alpine Sports Rental for another job well done on equipment. I can’t remember a time I didn’t rent from them and with the service they offer I’ll keep going back. We alternated between Breckenridge and Keystone, two days each place. It was cold the first day and windy the second. But by day three and four it was in the 40’s at the base and the sun was peeking through the clouds. A few nights we got some snow which was nice. Ironically though the last night we got six inches at the house, and it was still coming down when we left. If we’d only had one more day that would have been sweet!.

It was an excellent trip and good to see all the guys again. No injuries, other than some sore muscles. Can’t wait to see where we go for 2014.

Breckenridge weekend

This past weekend we headed to Breckenridge, CO for a little R & R and some boarding for me. We got in late on Thursday evening as my sister and her family were already at the condo… they came in on new years day. Friday morning it was out to the slopes by 8:30, we had scheduled a private boarding lesson with the resorts Ski and Ride Program. It was just the three of us myself, brother in law and my nephew. It was a good day and well worth it, even though I had to take a conference call for about an hour in the morning. That evening we headed to the Breckenridge Brewery for dinner, nice atmosphere and good eats.

Saturday it was just two of us on the slopes as the others had enough already. So armed with new knowledge on boarding I took off to the blues, after a one shot down the greens, to hone my skills. We headed over to Peak7 in hopes it wouldn’t be a busy and get some protection from the wind. It didin’t take long for me to realize my technique needed a bit of work. A few runs and a few spills later I was ready for lunch and maybe calling it a day. So we headed over to the base of Peak8 and I knew when I got there I was done. Problem being we had to get over to Peak9, that’s where the condo was. So one last run up the Mercury lift and over to Peak9 base, I’ve never been so fatigued before … ever !!!.

Sunday morning came soon enough and we all headed back to Denver. Their was a big storm coming and it was reported to start at 12:00am on Sunday but it didn’t start snowing till 6:00am. By the time we left at about 10:00am their was already 4 to 5 inches on the ground and the prediction was 1 to 2 feet. Traffic from Denver on I70 was packed with skiers coming up to take advantage of the new snow. I’m sure if you live out there your use to the conditions I remember back in IL it could get bad but that’s been a few years. We did at least take some picks on the way back, here’s the feed. We visited with some friends and watched the Titans playoff game, then it was off to the airport for a late flight. Back home at 1:00am Monday, made for a short day yesterday.

A good quick trip none the less and the cold I caught on Saturday has left just as quickly as it came on, which is good as I’ve got a bit of hockey this week.