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Weekend in Vegas

This past weekend Kay and I took a quick trip to Vegas. Kay had earned this short vacation from a company she does business with. We left early Friday morning and got in about 10:30am. This was my first time in Vegas, Kay had been a few years ago with a friend. You hear and read “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” all the time and see news coverage of some amazing events but it’s a little different in person. On the ride in we flew over the Hoover Dam, that was one option were we considering for the afternoon. Doing a little sight seeing as we wait for her sister and boyfriend to get in. It was impressive from the air and even though we only got a glimpse in the end decided against going.

Day 1

We took a shuttle to the hotel that only took about 15 minutes, not bad. Check-in was a little slow, of course normally I’m not exposed to a dozen stations and a waiting area that could hold 30 people. Needless to say it won’t be the only time I’m caught off guard by size.

Kay got us an upgrade to the north tower, even though the rooms are older the view is better. We could see the Bellagio Fountains and part of the strip up to the Luxor that was nice. Once settled, which was all of about 10 minutes as we were starving, it was out for a walk to the Hofbrauhaus. On the way we passed Planet Hollywood and City Center which is currently under construction.

After a pint or two we walked back to the strip and headed up to MGM and New York New York. Along the way we stopped at the M&M Store. Speaking of M&M’s the store is a real treat especially if you have kids. Four floors of everything from hard to find colors of both regular and peanut to Nascar merchandise.

As we made it to the MGM and stepped in the casino we were immediately met with a wildlife display, holding lions. This was unexpected. You can see more details on their website, but it was interesting to see that in a casion. Moving across the street to New York New York the outside is made up of all the buildings prominent in the New York skyline… and a roller coaster.

By now we had spent enough time that Kay’s sister would be getting in so we headed back. We passed by the City Center a massive project with some beautifully designed buildings, big buildings. Did I mention the hotels are a hair larger in person than on TV ? They are. After Kay and her sister worked out where we’d meet we headed down to Toby Keith’s. Didn’t know Toby had a place there, it was a little hard to find as you had to go through Harrah’s and upstairs to get to it. But the food was good, atmosphere was nice and they had entertainment too.

From there we headed back and did a little gambling before turning in for the night. Kay actually did more than me I try not to do to much of what I’m not good at, gambling is one of those things.

Day 2

Plans for day two started with us heading across the street to the Bellagio to meet Kay’s sister. From there we headed north on the strip stopping along the way at a few places. We made it to the Venetian before turning around. Rather than listing links for the hotels I’ll let the Vegas tourism site help out. They have a nice map that takes you down the strip in both directions.

It was now lunch we had done enough walking so we started looking for a place to eat. Most were pretty crowded until we got to Monami Gabi in front of the Paris Casino next to Balleys and across from Bellagio. It’s a trendy French bistro where half the seating is outside but we settled on inside, no waiting and all. It was then back to the room, stopping for a little more gambling first, to rest up before going down town for the evening.

We had reservations at Binions an excellent steak house. Dinner was very good, I actually had lobster, and then it was off for a stroll down Freemont Street. That was the highlight of the trip for me. 52 ounce beers in plastic footballs and and daiquiris tall enough they give you a strap to put around your neck so you don’t have to hold it. Light shows put to music at the top of every hour on the roof above the street and not to mention the street performers, what a sight. We stopped in one of the casinos, Kay needed to play a little roulette and by 11:30pm we were ready to head back. We picked up a cab and made it to the Bellagio for the 12:00am water show. We stayed for a few, they run every 15 minutes, and then went back to Balleys. Kay hit the video poker for another donation and I called it a night. It wasn’t to long before she did to.

Day 3

It was Sunday and time to go home, our shuttle scheduled for 2:00pm. A short day so we slept in and had a early lunch with Kay’s sister and her boyfriend at one of the places between Balleys and Paris. My thoughts on Vegas is it’s a different world plain and simple. If your into gambling and have cash to burn not sure there’s any place like it. For me it’s a nice place to visit but not sure I’d want to live there. I would like to go back but think I’d take in more of the sights, travel outside the city maybe to Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon. We did run into some neighbors on the plane back, small world I know. They were in town for a convention and had been to Zion State Park just a few hours away in Utah. They said the drive was excellent. So maybe next time we can do a few more of those things. Regardless we had an excellent time, didn’t donate to much to the casinos and didn’t get to crazy. Now just like everyone says when they get back from Vegas …. back to reality.

Cheers !!!