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Roscoe under the knife

Sleeping with a cone

Last week I took Roscoe to have some “things that shouldn’t be there” looked at. A lump on his chest and an extra nipple, that wasn’t a nipple, were of concern. Lately the lump seemed to get bigger and the nipple was filling with blood. So after a trip to the vet and scheduled surgery they both came out. The lump they’ll send off for analysis and we’ll get the results when the stitches come out. Until then he’s stuck wearing a cone which is hilarious.

Both were on the right side so you can’t see them in the pic, but he could still get to them without the cone. So for another week he’ll have to wear it until the stiches come out, unitl then he’s a barrel of laughs… more than normal. Can’t stop running into stuff, closes the deck gate when he wants to come in, and ironically is a little more relaxed than normal. I think at times he feels like he’s being punished for something, but doesn’t fight it when it’s time to put in on. He’s a nut !!!!