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Codecademy in 2012

I’ve never been one to have New Year resolutions but coding has always been something I wish I was better at. I’m not a programmer but have to deal with code at the $DAYJOB. Being able to read and write (sometimes) is very helpful so when I heard Codecademy created an initiative called Codeyear it seemed like a good opportunity to dig in a little deeper. So far the Javascript lessons have been interesting, some simple and some not so. The way it’s going I might have to break out some books or other resources… and maybe that’s the point ..but I’m hopeful it’s something I can keep up with.

If you’re looking to get more into coding give it a shot. As it stands now I’m one of 300,000 + who are trying, so you’re not alone!

Where do your online products come from, physically.

I am an avid internet shopper for some things like, hockey gear, computer equipment and clothes. My expierence has been good and have never been duped or felt like I was taken advantage of. I always shop a quality retailers and if their online store looks cheezy then I don’t bother. Last week however was one of the few times that physically going to the store would have been a better choice, or so it seems.

I ordered a few items from Sports Authority and only received half the order. A few days later what I thought was the other half showed up but after opening the package what I got was someone elses order from a different company. This was very strange, the shipping label on the outside of the package was addressed to me and came direct from the manufacture. What was inside the package on the packing slip was not my order. The product matched the packing slip but the was shipped to the wrong place.

The order I received was from the Sports Chalet for someone in CA. When checking both web sites for Return Information they referenced:

7601 Trade Port Drive
Louisville, KY 40258

.. so that would be it. The same warehouse is used for more than one online store, not a novel concept but still does not explain the total mixup. So I called customer service and what is in common between our two orders is the first five characters of the email address, brian, that’s it. Customer service verified the UPS tracking label on my package was documented on the other persons order, where checking my order online did not show a shipment at the time. So the products were switched.

Customer Service issued me a call back number and said an email would come in 24 to 48 hours with an RMA# and label. Well I have yet to see it. It was a Thursday afternoon when I called so maybe the weekend has something to do with it, I’m not sure. None the less I’ll send it back with a note and hope my other half ships correctly soon, if not I’ll be calling again.