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Earlier this week I turned my phone (SCP-6400) on to once again see the battery was dead. I’ve got a regular and extended life batter and this is happening with both. It seems like this happens after the phone is off for 8-12 hours. It is very strange and I dought there is anything wrong with the phone but seems like a good reason to get a new one.

It will be hard to top the 6400 as it has been rock solid with excellent reception and style. It is still the slimmist phone out there even though it is three years old. I’ve been shopping off and on and even plopped down $300 for an RL-7300 but took it back the next day. Sometimes you just know when a purchase was not right.

I’m glad I did cause the first of September Sprint offered two new Samsung phones, the PM-A840 and SPH-A560. The A560 is the low end model with the A840 being mid range. The nice features about both are a great UI and no external antenna. The A840 comes with a 640X480 camera, speaker phone, and a monochrome sub display. Some may think the black and white mini display is somewhat cheap but I think it make the phone more unique. Great styling in black and silver. I don’t need a camera but I liked the A840 a little better so I went with it.

You can see the monochrome display when the unit is closed and the black theme when it is open. I have not been a huge fan of flip phones but that seems to be the path many of the manufacutures have gone. It makes sense too since it provides the smallest form factor. Many of the Sanyo phones hinge differently, which i prefer but to sacrifice an antenna for a different hinge style I’m all about that. The way the black is carried on to the keypad is nice and will not show scratches as quickly as silver.

It has only been a few days and so far so good. Reception is just as good as the 6400 and battery life is as expected to date. A number of initial reviews are already out and each has their own opinion. For me I’m happy, it does the job and is a step up from what I had… only time will tell if it is just as good for the long haul like the 6400 was.

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