Ringing in the new year

Not sure if it’s a sign of getting older or just that it’s really another day when it all comes down to it. Heading out to catch an early movie the wife and I drove by the liquor store and it was standing room only. By the time we made it to the fireworks tents they were the same. Either we are just no fun at all or people are desparate for entertainment. After the movie and dinner they were no different jam packed with customers.

Of course up till about 1:00am everyone in the neighborhood was using the fireworks and sitting outside with the dogs, well lets just say it was not an ordinary night. I find it comical at times where roscoe, our six year old black lab, freeks out at the fireworks but does not care about other dogs in the neighborhood. Where cooper, our one and half year old golden and german shepard mix, is just the opposite. Guess that’s what makes them unique or at least it seems that way.

So no late night parties for us but it was still a happy new year.

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