Hawaii – day 4

Maui Scenic Drive South

Saturday was a day to venture out and find a beach on the south side of the island. We had head weather on that side tends to be better and the over all chance for rain was less than the days before. Little did we know what the day would bring !!! The drive to the “south side” was 45 min to an hour. We were also staying in this area our last two nights so we wanted to check out the Renassaince. We found a beach used by the Westin which also had public access. The surf was also light as what was at the resort could get heavy as the drop off on the beach was about 20 feet out. This beach had less of a slope more suited to families with small children.

Westin Maui Beach

The plan was to scout out a spot and then let the rest know and they could join later. That fell through as my niece’s hives did not get better so my parents stayed behind with my sister… you know how the grandkids get the priority and all. So after a few hours on the beach we were getting hungry and headed to find something to eat. We found a great place on the second floor of some retail shops called LuLu’s. Excellent food and great atmosphere as the entire place is open air with televisions, very much like a sports bar. So while sitting their sipping on a Kona Longboard the phone rings, it was the realtor. Now I forgot to mention a couple things, first just before leaving we put the house on the market. Second when we woke up in the morning we had voice mails from the scheduling service as someone wanted to see the house in the afternoon.

So after the realtor apologized for calling while we were on vacation she said we had an offer on the house… what!!! was our reaction. Of course we listed the house to sell and figured being gone, both us and the dogs, would make it easy to have it shown but an offer after three days and on the first showing, crazy. We listened to the offer and couldn’t really believe what we were hearing but then the closing date was mentioned. That was going to be a problem to meet that date we would have to find a place barely 12 days after we get back. I didn’t want to say no but also didn’t want to say yes. We countered with a closing date at the end of the month for more time and they came back with the last friday… the deal was done. In a matter of minutes in between the time it took to order lunch, have it served and eat the contract was agreed on and getting put together. O my what have we done and “is this really happening” came to mind after the phone calls were done.

It was an interesting day to say the least.,,, remember what day it is !!!

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