Hawaii – day 5

Sunday was the day for the Road to Hana. This would be an all day trip as we left a six am. We had to get back to the airport to catch the highway to Hana and that was about 45 minutes just to get there. A few miles past the airport it quickly turns to a twisting two lane mountain road and the scenic views, pools, and water falls become the stops along the way. For anyone on Maui for the first time this is a must trip, but leave early and pay close attention to the guide book, if you don’t have one get one if not you will miss out on many opportunities.

A page of pics will be available as their are too many to show here. At the end of the line, so to speak, is Hana and the Haleakala National Park. This is where most turn around and head back however if the road is open you can continue on and go all the way around the island. The park rangers said the road was open so after spending an hour at the park we were back at it. Much of this section is not paved and narrower as in many places only one car can pass for stretches of 500 feet or more. This is common on the road to Hana but it is all paved and the one lane sections are much shorter so it’s easier to know when to stop or go. With no more pools or falls to see from here on out it was just scenic views and cattle. Yes that’s right cattle, ranching is big on this side of the island (south east) so we passed many fences and crossings but saw few homes.

So after leaving at six am we we back at the resort at 6:30, just in time for dinner as the family was cooking out on the grill. What’s nice about the resort is if you want to cook your own meals you can. Rooms come with cooking appliances, utensils and their are four community gas grills. Needless to say we had a day.

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