Deck repairs

Deck repair

For a while now we’ve noticed the deck has been sagging near the house. When you walk in that area there is a noticeable bounce and my best guess was the joists were no longer attached. So this weekend I pulled the decking in that area off and found my guess was correct. I’m no builder but where are the hangers on the header board ? Maybe that is optional depending on materials, size, etc …. not sure. None the less will need to add this to the weekend “to do” list before something bad happens.

2 thoughts on “Deck repairs

  1. Hi…guess who is the manager at Bed, Bath and Beyond…Dale. Ran into Dale while shopping and he inquired about you. Told him not sure how you were but he could look you up. Hope things are well.


  2. yes things are good, thanks. tell him i said hey and will reach out if i can find him on the net. hope all is well with you too.


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