Home for the holidays

Wednesday afternoon we headed home for the holiday weekend. When we left it was almost 60, five and a half hours later it was in the low 40’s and raining. Visiting with family was good as we split time between mine and Kay’s. It rained through Friday and then started to snow. The snow continued off and on through Sunday morning, totaled about 4 inches.

I worked on a few machines while I was there as Kay’s dad got a new laptop and her sister in law need to move some things around.

Some general thoughts about working on machines this past weekend.

  • Exporting mail from Outlook Express6 and importing into Live Mail works well, contacts is the same.
  • Some day OpenOffice will already be on PC’s running Windows, I hope.
  • PC’s/Laptop’s would run faster if OEM’s didn’t load all there bloatware.
  • Windows Mail does not like exporting or slow IMAP connections. Copying message “files” is better.
  • When crimping cables it’s best to “not” leave the wires exposed between the clip and sheathing, crimp the sheathing into the clip.
  • Waiting on a machine to “do what you’ve asked” is a time killer.

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