Nano in the new year


The new year came and went without much excitement. Had a handful of friends over for a kid friendly evening and only a few fireworks around the neighborhood, which is nice.

So the other day Kay mentioned wanting some music while running and we started talking about ipods. Her phone can hold a microSD card for music but she uses it way to much for having it double as a music player. That was a good reason to head out for a little shopping to start off the new year to look at mp3 players and ipods. A friend of her’s was talking about an ipod and how nice it was on recent trips but at $250.00 for the low end model, well that was a little much. So we went for the nano and if video is really something she misses I can always take the nano and we’ll get and ipod for her.

Tomorrow will be the first morning she gets a chance to use it running and next week it’s off to San Diego to see a friend. That will be a good test to see how much she likes it.

2 thoughts on “Nano in the new year

  1. Or you could just give your good buddy Dale the Nano and come up with an OS player for you to play with…

  2. Hey Guys i really like your website because mine stinks. check the apple website for more info on the new on that is coming out. the new nano or just get the video cause it has way more features you can put a video on it about your ski trip.

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