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Thanksgiving in Chicago

For Thanksgiving this year we headed up to Chicago to visit family. We left early Thursday morning and got into Midway around 8:30am. My sister and her husband picked us up and we headed down town to take in the sights. It was cool and overcast but there were plenty of people out for the parade on State St.

We stopped at the Magnolia Bakery to get some coffee and cookies before stepping out to watch a bit of the parade. The Magnolia Bakery is a nice little shop with tasty treats, excellent drinks, and great people. Everyone had a smile on their face or a welcoming comment.

We then walked down to the river past the Trump Tower and on to Michigan Avenue. None of the shops were open, accept Starbucks and a few others. From there we headed back to Millennium Park and walked around the Ice Rink and “the Bean”. There were a lot of families out skating, kids taking pictures at the Bean and even a few workers cleaning up leaves.

It has been years since I’ve been on Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue and have never been to Millennium Park. Despite the weather it was a great few hours in a the windy city. The rest of the day we spent with family celebrating Thanksgiving. An excellent holiday.

Short trip to Chicago

Over the weekend Kay and I headed to Chicago for a wedding, a cousin of mine was getting married. We left Friday afternoon and came back late Sunday. It was good to see family, some it had been almost 10 years since I’d seen them. A few things that made me grin were;

  1. Mapping/navigation software isn’t always a good substitute for “knowing where your going”.
  2. I was young once and could go till the wee hours of the morning, now I just get to “hear” it from the room.
  3. Packing light, not checking bags, is the only way to go.

Even though I caught a cold it was good to see family. Their will be more of that with the holidays coming up.