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Water, and lots of it

Late Friday (4/30) the forecast called for rain most of the weekend but I don’t think anyone was ready for what we got. When it stopped Sunday afternoon around 4:30pm, things were not good. The tally for the Nashville area was 15 inches, more in some places.

As it rained on Saturday morning I didn’t think anything of it, just another spring rain I thought. But when we were in the basement watching the hockey game and water started coming in, we knew we had a problem. The power went out shortly after that, around 3:00pm, and at the time all we could do was move stuff and work the squeegee. What I wouldn’t know till later is our trouble was nothing compared to others even in our own neighborhood.

I left to go to Home Depot about 5:00pm picked up a wet/dry vac for when the power came back on, and another squeegee. When I got back home and pulled into the subdivision I drove through about 6 inches of water, 24 hours later the landscape would be completely different. We used the wet/dry vac late Saturday when the power came back on for a little bit but thankfully not since. For our problem I dug a small trench behind the house Sunday morning which helped route the water around the side and kept it from getting in the basement.

The first pic below is from our front porch Sunday (5/2) morning. The second pic is what the entrance looked like Sunday (5/2) at around 4:30pm. For anyone that’s been by our place know we’re close to the Harpeth River, but not that close. The tree line in the distance is Hwy 70 and the other side of the tree line is the Harpeth River. There are a half dozen homes in our subdivision that have flood damage, others in the greater Nashville area are far worse. Power was restored Monday (5/3) around noon as the guys from Dickson Electric used a john boat to get out to the transformer, amazing.

It has been a weekend to remember, for sure. I only hope things will get back to normal soon.

The third pic here is the entrance this evening.

Raining on 5-2 Entrance 5-2-2010 Entrance 5-4-2010

Our first snow

First snow of 07

The weather men have been warning us snow could be on the way but you never believe it till you see it. Kids in some counties have been out of school for a few days but that’s mainly for the flew bug, not the weather. Last night they got it right and we had our first snow of 07. A handful of photos are on the flikr feed, see them all here.

Never thought I’d use my busted snow shovel again but sure enough today was the day. Did a little on the steps before work and took care of the drive and back porch at lunch. Not to bad time wise, about 20 minutes, but when it’s only a half inch a good broom will do.

Roads have now melted and I’m sure it will be gone in a few days as the temp will be in the 30’s over the weekend. Nothing like it was in IL back in the day. But I can do without shoveling a foot off the drive. If it would ever come to that I think I’d either have the neighbor kids come over or just take the truck and make a lane !!!!