To much going on

Busy, busy, busy…. holy moly get me some vacation days !!!! I remember why I dislike moving, it’s now been three weeks and still boxes are all around. Some new furniture is here some is coming. Just finished staining/water proofing the deck and can now look to expanding the fence. A daily trip to Lowes seems to be the norm, picking up items you can never seem to remember to get… all at once.

Work is flat out crazy and no end in sight. You can’t complain about being busy but if you can’t work the backlog piling more on makes it that much more difficult. That goodness for hockey, a welcome release from all that’s going on. The new place is great, the boys are getting use to “nature”, peace, quite, it’s all good.

So far the latest version of Ubuntu is great and I’ve resurected the old IBM I200 (laptop) to load Fedora. When I can find some time I’ll finish the Plone setup and migrate the site from work. You never know when you need a backup !!!!

Is is Friday yet…. I need a three day weekend.

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