A little fence work

Realized after getting the fence up, underground electric that is, that some of where I had laid it out was not going to work. The original thought of not making a complete box around the house was quickly thrown out the window after the 6 hours worth of laying the line, which would make me half done. So I chucked that idea and took the easy route and did not double back the same way I came. The only reason for doing that would have been a clean access out for the boys. That and an extra layer of correction zone as the double back would have extended the no enter zone farther.

It only took a week for me to realize it needed to change. After a trip to friends that just moved close a light bulb was turned on for an efficient fix. About half of our acre is wooded and I originally did not take the fence there but this put the wire very close to a narrow path the dogs use at the back of the house. When friends had their fence installed the guy that did it used staples cause they have newly planted grass. Staples now that is an idea when you have layers of dead leaves, branches and other ground cover all over the place. So this weekend I extended the fence through to the property line which now includes the wooded area.

I still need to extend one side closer to the property line but that can wait. Of course if I would have thought about this from the beginning it would not be as much work, but it’s only time right !!! Once I move the last side I can turn up the strength increasing the zone size to about 6 feet, it’s at about 2 to 3 now. With any luck that will be enough to stop any run through and keep the warning beep on the collar. I’d hate to turn off the warning and go straight to correction.

So far I’m please but also regular excercise and socialization is also going to help. At the old house the neighborhood and privacy fence did not allow for much of that.

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